Protect your property from a bushfire

Australian Bushfire

Act now to protect your biggest asset - your property from bushfires

Bushfires are devastating and can leave a huge trail of death and destruction so you want to be as best prepared as possible when they strike. Preparation is the key! With a bushfire action plan in place you can do your part in minimizing the damage that can be done by a bushfire to your property. Bushfires have changed how we need to think to survive the worst.

Your Bushfire Action Plan

Our team has put together this comprehensive bushfire action plan for you that is relevant to Australian bushfires. Download the interactive pdf below where you can either fill it out online or print and fill out your plan..

Sinclair_Fire_Bushfire_Action_Plan.pdf Sinclair_Fire_Bushfire_Action_Plan.pdf (340kB)

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)

If you build a new home within a BPA ( Bushfire Prone Area) you're legally required to have a BAL assessment ( Bushfire Attack Level). The BAL has been put in place to help improve a building’s chance of withstanding a bushfire. With it you're better able to determine what type of insurance you need for your building. The BAL takes into consideration a number of factors like:

  • The type of construction needed for you to obtain a building permit

  • The fire danger index ( heat level and spread )

  • The slope of the land

  • Types of surrounding vegetation 

  • And more

Protect your home from a bushfire by following the best practices outlined here Consider also installing a fire sprinkler system one of your best defences against fires. Contact Sinclair Fire today to find out more.

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