Fire Attack trailer to hire

Fire protection for your home or business

Fire protection for your home or business

Sinclair Fire are the experts in providing the community with a range of options to protect your property from fire. Our Fire Attack Trailers can be hired from us with long or short-term options, depending on your specific needs. It is an easy towing trailer that anyone can hitch up behind a vehicle with towing capacity.

Once you have booked one of our trailers we will supply you with the drums of foam with an amount that you approximately require. Once you have finished using the trailer simply return it on the agreed date, along with any foam you don't use.

Our Fire Attack Trailers are built with:

  • Durable UV stabilised polyethylene tank
  • Heavy duty hose reel with 36m x 19mm fire hose, adjustable nozzles and all required plumbing
  • Yamaha diesel motor
  • Pressure bypass hose for pump protection
  • Safety baffle ball system
  • 6m quick fill hose kit with holder
  • 15″ wheels and tyres
  • Strong hot-dip galvanised heavy duty steel chassis
  • Chequer plate steel mudguards and tail light board
  • Rear pump plate for operator safety
  • LED tail lights
  • Hydraulic override brakes for improved safety
  • Road registered

The Fire Attack Trailer is fitted with:

  • 1000 litre capacity tank with the ability to hold Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)
  • Spray bar and foam spray nozzle
  • Fire Rake
  • 2 hose attachments, water nozzle and foam nozzle (aerated) both can be utilised, depending on your requirements
  • Spreader bar
  • Fire safety helmet
  • Back burning fuel (a mixture of diesel and petrol)
  • Pipe with water spreader or foam attachments

The Fire Attack Trailer is perfect for a range of uses including:

  • when you are burning off and need a safety backup of a Fire Attack Trailer
  • our Fire Attack Trailers are designed to be used as a form of safety and asset protection, they are not designed to simulate a fire fighting tool or fire truck
  • the trailers are designed to protect your property from an ember attack

We also have water cart trailers available to hire - which can be used to help deliver water out to animals or large tree plantations, or to use for safety, if you have booked a burn off to remove your excess vegetation that could be classed as fuel for a potential bushfire.