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Fire protection for your property or event

We have you covered with a range of fire protection equipment. We're passionate about educating people with planning and preparing their property or residential homes to ensure they have the best opportunity to escape any critical fire risk.

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Fire Safety Equipment for Hire

Fire Attack Trailer

Fire Attack Trailer

If you know how to use a hose, you can use our Fire Attack trailer. Purpose built with the capacity to hold Aqueous Film Forming Foam.

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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

If you require one or multiple fire extinguishers to hire for your next event or building site, we have a full range to hire immediately

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Threading Machines

Threading Machines

Our threading machines are available in a range of sizes. They are durable and tough and ready to perform the job that you need doing.

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Fire Safety for Events

If you are organising an annual or one-off event we can conduct a fire safety audit for you and give you a list of fire safety products that you will need to hire. We have you covered, so you know you and your guests are safe.

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Protect Your Property from Fire

Do you live on a large property surrounded by nature? Have you ever thought about the danger you and your family might be in if a bush fire threatens you, your family and your property? Are you fully prepared for that moment? We can help you to protect your biggest asset during bushfire season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am organising a large community event, what type of extinguisher do I require?

Each event needs to be assessed on their own merit, as it depends what sort of risk will the event attract, for example - a motor show or a show and shine event is going to attract different amount and types of fire extinguishers compared to, events where there is cooking or fireworks, then if there is a fair or agricultural show that will need a different class of fire extinguisher. You need to match the risk with the type of event you are coordinating.

Are there different types of fire extinguishers and what do you use them for?

  • Motor shows, or events that attract fuel:  AFFF for fuel fires (Class B)
  • Cooking shows that involve gas etc: Co2 or ABE for gas fires (Class C)
  • Cooking shows that involve oil: Wet chemical (Class F)
  • Fireworks: Water (Class A)
  • Agricultural Shows with combustible feed: Water (Class A)

What is generally more effective, water or foam?

Foam is better than water as it will stay longer and is a good fire prevention method. It stops ember attacks and radiant temperature fires.

Have questions about what you need to prevent fires?

We work with you to make sure you have the right fire equipment for your property or event. If you're unsure about what you need send us an email and we'll get back to you.

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