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Fire protection for you

The only true protection would be to install a Fire Sprinkler installation. We can design installation and certify plus give 12 month warranty on all of our jobs to give you peace of mind. We work with you to plan the best outcome you can have in your location.

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Sprinkler Systems for Fire Protection

Residential Sprinkler Systems

Residential Sprinkler Systems

Ensure the safety of your property with a fire sprinkler system installation.

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Sprinkler Systems for Disability Sector

Sprinkler Systems for Disability Sector

Fire Risk Management and Sprinkler Systems are now mandatory for all housing funded by DHHS.

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Fire Protection for Commerical Premises

Fire Protection for Commerical Premises

Factories, warehouses, manufacturers, sawmills, stacked timber, shops, shopping centres.

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Fire Safety for Events

If you are organising an annual or one-off event we can conduct a fire safety audit for you and give you a list of fire safety products that you will need to hire. We have you covered, so you know you and your guests are safe.

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Home Fire Protection - Domestic Sprinkler System

We can provide professional assistance with the design and installation of your domestic or residential fire sprinkler system. The main purpose of a fire sprinkler system is to significantly increase the level of safety for your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does a fire sprinkler system work?

A fire sprinkler system works by being automatically activated if, and when, there is an increase in temperature. This is done through a temperature gauge that’s constantly working to monitor average temperatures. See it as a sophisticated fire alarm that comes with water to put out a fire

Do you just install fire sprinkler systems?

Sinclair Fire designs, installs and certifies all fire sprinkler systems. In addition we assist with their maintenance- servicing and refurbishment.

What type of sprinkler system would I need for my home?

The correct sprinkler system for homes depends on the practical solution type system to suit environment and availability of water, whether local or remote.


  • using domestic town supply
  • using a bore/pump
  • using the swimming pool
  • using rain water tank or mobile tank
  • using a dam or creek

Are there different types of fire extinguishers and what do you use them for?

  • Motor shows, or events that attract fuel:  AFFF for fuel fires (Class B)
  • Cooking shows that involve gas etc: Co2 or ABE for gas fires (Class C)
  • Cooking shows that involve oil: Wet chemical (Class F)
  • Fireworks: Water (Class A)
  • Agricultural Shows with combustible feed: Water (Class A)

Have questions about what you need to protect you from fires?

We work with you to make sure you have the right fire protection for your property or event. If you're unsure about what you need send us an email and we'll get back to you.

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