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How exactly does a fire sprinkler system work?

A fire sprinkler system works by being automatically activated if, and when, there is an increase in temperature. This is done through a temperature gauge that’s constantly working to monitor average temperatures. See it as a sophisticated fire alarm that comes with water to put out a fire

I have an old fire sprinkler system, is this still okay?

All  fire sprinkler systems must follow the latest manufacturing and safety standards for them to be viable. Our systems all comply with today’s standards. 

Do you just install fire sprinkler systems?

Sinclair Fire designs, installs and certifies all fire sprinkler systems. In addition we assist with their maintenance- servicing and refurbishment.

What are Australian Standards for fire sprinkler systems?

When it comes to Australian standards for fire sprinkler systems please keep in mind the following:

  • AS 2118 – New Installation sprinkler systems – residential, commercial, industrial.
  • AS 1851 – Service and maintenance of sprinkler systems including testing - residential, commercial, industrial.

Do fire sprinkler systems come with a warranty?

All our sprinkler systems come with a warranty of 12 months upon the date of installment. 

If I have smoke detectors, why do I need a fire sprinkler system?

A fire sprinkler system is so much more effective at fighting a fire than even your most high quality smoke detector. It's simply a more sophisticated system that is designed to prevent and reduce fire through putting out water.

What type of sprinkler system would I need for my home?

The correct sprinkler system for homes depends on the practical solution type system to suit environment and availability of water, whether local or remote.


  • using domestic town supply
  • using a bore/pump
  • using the swimming pool
  • using rain water tank or mobile tank
  • using a dam or creek

Is a fire sprinkler the best fire protection?

From our years of experience we can safely say that the only true protection would be to install a fire sprinkler installation in your building as the best line of defence against fire.

What is generally more effective, water or foam?

Foam is better than water as it will stay longer and is a good fire prevention method. It stops ember attacks and radiant temperature fires.

What is AFFF and is it poisonous?

AFFF is an anachronym for Aqueous Film Forming Foam and it coats a surface with a protective coating to protect it from fire. AFFF is not poisonous - it is a Class A Foam.

I am organising a large community event, what type of extinguisher do I require?

Each event needs to be assessed on their own merit, as it depends what sort of risk will the event attract, for example - a motor show or a show and shine event is going to attract different amount and types of fire extinguishers compared to, events where there is cooking or fireworks, then if there is a fair or agricultural show that will need a different class of fire extinguisher. You need to match the risk with the type of event you are coordinating.

Are there different types of fire extinguishers and what do you use them for?

  • Motor shows, or events that attract fuel:  AFFF for fuel fires (Class B)
  • Cooking shows that involve gas etc: Co2 or ABE for gas fires (Class C)
  • Cooking shows that involve oil: Wet chemical (Class F)
  • Fireworks: Water (Class A)
  • Agricultural Shows with combustible feed: Water (Class A)

How do I use a fire extinguisher, and what size fire will it extinguish?

Follow the instructions on the product and ensure you are committed to attack the fire. Don’t risk yourself - only attack a fire if it is less than 1mtr square, you have the correct extinguisher that will be able to put the fire out and you have someone else backing you up - it’s a team effort.

How many fire extinguishers do we need at our event and where should they be kept?

Every event is different, and it needs to be categorised according to what would be at the event. So, we would help you to understand what Class type is required and how many of each Class you are required to have stored. Each extinguisher needs to have signs signalling where they have been put and the area around the product needs to be easily accessed.

How much notice is required for assisting with an Event?

We require a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks’ notice prior to an event in Darwin and Melbourne areas.

Interstate or remote areas need 3 to 4 weeks’ notice prior to an event.

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