Fire Protection for Commercial Premises

Maintaining fire safety for a commercial premises is paramount to protecting both occupants of the building (employees, customers, visitors) and the building itself. If the building is a huge commercial building then you can imagine that fire damage even the slightest at times can add up to thousands of dollars of damage. So, you want to ensure that you are doing everything you can to protect your commercial building. 

Fire Safety and Commercial Buildings

Proper fire safety measures provide that extra level of security and protection to your commercial premises. A commercial premises covers many types of buildings like factories, warehouses, manufacturers, sawmills, shops, and shopping centres. Each state and territory in Australia has its own particular laws in regard to fire safety and compliance for commercial premises

Your lease should specify who is responsible for the installation of fire safety equipment and maintenance obligations. Make sure you understand your lease and the rules around fire safety. Please speak to the relevant authority if you are unclear. Having a clear understanding of your obligations around fire safety will save you much trouble in the event of a fire.

Fire Safety Checklist for Commercial Buildings

Use our handy checklist to tick off what needs to be in place for fire safety at your commercial premises. This applies to small, medium and large commercial buildings: 

  • Fire equipment is installed in the premises like fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers and fire alarms which comply with the latest safety standards. If unsure, speak to a fire safety expert.

  • Fire equipment is located within an accessible place.

  • Fire exits are clearly marked with proper lit exit signs.

  • Fire exits are accessible for people with disabilities.

  • There are fire certificates in place for the premises that certify that the landlord has regularly and properly serviced fire equipment.

  • There is insurance both for the building and public liability in place.

  • Fire wardens have been  appointed for the building.

  • The occupants of the building  participate in fire drills every 3-6 months.

Download a pdf copy of our handy checklist via the link below:

fire-safety-checklist.pdf fire-safety-checklist.pdf (48kB)

4 Must Have Items in Place for a Fire Safe Commercial Building

Along with our handy checklist above you should absolutely always have in place the following 4 items which are crucial elements for commercial building fire safety: 

  1. Fire Alarm -  your first line of defence against a fire. They have saved countless lives by alerting people to a fire. 

  2. Emergency Lights and Exit Signs -  these make it possible to see where to go for safety in the event of an emergency.

  3. Fire Extinguisher - put out a small fire or stop the spread of a larger fire.

  4. Fire Sprinkler System- suppress or extinguish a larger fire with these. 

Fire safety is crucial for all types of commercial buildings and as a tenant or landlord you must be aware of your obligations and responsibilities around fire safety. Contact Trevor and his team for a safety inspection of your commercial premises.