Home Fire Protection - Domestic Sprinkler System

Home Fire Protection - Domestic Sprinkler System

Ensure the safety of your property with a fire sprinkler system

We can provide professional assistance with the design and installation of your domestic or residential fire sprinkler system. The main purpose of a fire sprinkler system is to significantly increase the level of safety for your home.

Did you know you can now run fire sprinklers straight from your current drinking water supply or hydrant? Save up to $10,000 by not having to input a new supply line.

These fire sprinklers are installed to the current Australian Standards, including NCC 2019 deemed to satisfy provision of 2 new sprinkler system requirements - FPAA101D and FPAA101H. 

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FPAA101D - Fire Sprinkler System Description

The FPAA101D sprinkler system is a fire sprinkler system supplied from the building's drinking water supply system. It extends from the building's water supply system on each floor and eliminates the need for a dedicated sprinkler system. 

Each floor has a branch from the building's drinking water supply riser to feed both the spinkler system and drinking water supply system for that floor level. The branch includes an isolation valve to allow the simultaneous isolation of bothe elvels of supply.

The FPAA101D system has the added benefit of having a regularly monitored water supply. This is due to the sprinkler system being supplied by the drinking water supply system with any interruption or reduction in the drinking water supply to domestic appliances (showers, toilets etc) indicating an interruptuion or reduction to the supply of water to the fire sprinkler system.

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diagram FPAA101D

FPAA101H - Fire Sprinkler System Description

The FPAA101H system consists of a typical fire hydrant installation commonly required for buildings where coverage cannot be achieved by external fire hydrants. The FPAA101H system includes branchs from the fire hydrant system at each floor level to supply the sprinkler system to that level.

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